Friday, February 28, 2020

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Buys Shares of Google

Tesla Founder Elon Musk Buys Shares of GoogleElon Musk bought a bunch of stocks that value for dollars? That would be news to a lot of people. The way things have been going lately, I'd have to guess that Musk bought a lot of his money back. It seems that Musk isn't letting any lack of earning power deter him.I'm sure that he has a lot of stuff on his plate right now with SpaceX and other ventures, but maybe he can look at satellite Internet with his new satellite TV satellite? Surely Musk is the genius that figured out how to re-invent how we communicate with each other, and I bet he could easily use satellite Internet to increase broadband speeds worldwide. Maybe we'll finally see the day when satellite Internet is used around the world as everyone gets connected to the internet via their cell phones or computers, instead of a wireless router.In the meantime, I am willing to bet that Musk doesn't think twice about buying any stock that's low for dollars. It's all about earning, and Musk really needs to earn those bucks in order to pay off the bills and create the world he wants to live in. He doesn't need to buy shares for millions of dollars, he just needs to buy something cheap that'll appreciate, or he could buy a share that's worth five dollars and earn a couple of hundred dollars.While the government keeps handing out billions of dollars, Musk will continue to try to make life better for people everywhere. He just has to take a look at the stock market to see where he can buy cheap shares. And it won't take long before he figures out a way to get rid of some of his millions, because of all of the shares that he's bought recently.Now, let's talk about Google's Google+ services. They are turning out to be rather successful as they add many millions of users in each of the three continents. There's no telling what sort of wonderful social networking service, they'll launch in the future.Google had originally intended for this system to be a big deal, but ma ny of their competitors have caught up with Google's system, and they have more users than Google. As long as Google keeps innovating, they'll have their loyal users for years to come.The fact that they are offering free cash prizes to those who create the best Google+ page shows just how well Google's platform works. It's not just a nice way to get people to add friends on the web, it's also a great opportunity for newbie gamers. After all, how many games have you played in your life where you could win a thousand dollars with a single click?Since so many people on the web don't know about Google+, I'm sure they wouldn't mind Google trying to promote this system and promoting it to the masses. It just might bring in some serious revenue for Google, which I bet is a major concern for Musk.

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